eventsThe idea of engagement is not new. However organizations as well as individuals face a lot of resistance when they try to implement change and it is at this point that attitudes to ensure success of a project or take a step towards self-realization fail.
Formal process and rules by themselves are not enough to sustain motivation and bring meaning to the experience. The workshops provide advanced tools – some inspired by the Eastern psychology – and means to allow the development of superior attitudes and skills necessary to sustain realization and change.
Is there something important of a personal realization that you’ve been dreaming of but never got to? Would you like to reconnect with something meaningful that you started or have envisioned but did not finish or have not manifested yet? You would like to develop the superior attitudes that will help you make it? You want to take charge of your health? You would like to experience who you really are beyond the limits of the personality?
To help you accomplish these goals I invite you to join me in an exceptional exploratory and active journey!
The information for the new workshops is coming soon.