Jocelyne Durand

Jocelyne Durand, M.Ed. is an adult learning specialist trained in both the academic and alternative world of learning and transformation. She has been a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer since 1994 and a trainer in Japanese Psychology since 1996 (re-certified in 2011). Jocelyne is one of the only certified trainers in Quebec. Complimentary to her years of practice with alternative approaches she has 15 years of experience with the corporate world in the field of learning and development and several years of service as facilitator, coach, and counselor in organization. She has developed a series of workshops on Engagement, inspired by the Japanese approaches of Morita and Naikan. She is a practicing naturopath who has taught and written on health matters since 1991.
Professional Member of:
The ToDo Institute
The Canadian Association of NLP
The Naturopathes et Naturothérapeutes spécialisés en Phytothérapie du Québec Association